Every Wednesday at lunch in Mrs. Dorman's room. Talk to Dalena for more info.

Color Run 2017

November activity ran by Matthew. See Matt for more info.

Fall Fest

Dozier-Libbey Medical High's Fall Fest is being hosted by Key Club for 2017!

Project Eliminate

Help us beat Prenatal Tetanus! Donate in room 5 or help in any fundraising activities!

Marsmallow Games 2017

Annual Celebration of the new term. Is your #fire hot enough to roast the competition and defeat the current Marshmallow Lords, the class of 2018, to become the current reigning champion?

Relay for Life 2018

Help us raise money for cancer research! The donation fee is $10, and more than worth it. Talk to Julian for more information.

DCON 2018

Huge celebration in which the Cali-Nev-Ha Region welcomes all of its new Lieutenant Governors. April 8th-10th. .

Color Catastrophe 2018

Event involving class competition, color, and just a touch of violence. Support our club by participating in the Color Catastrophe! Throw color at others and see who reigns victorious!